Mislaid your frigidaire instruction manual?

Frigidaire is a well known brand of household appliances. In the past the company was owned by General Motors. Nowadays Frigidaire is a part of the Electrolux company. Frigidaire manufactures a wide variety of appliances, such as washers, dreyers, freezers, refrigerators and air conditioners. Operating manuals for most Frigidaire products are available online in Adobe`s PDF format. In the download section you will also be supported with wiring diagrams and installation instructions. Follow the link below and you will be redirected to the official Frigidaire support website.

Frigidaire User Manual Download Service


Ideas + Know How:

Problem: Frigidaire dryer does not switch on. The program does not start.
Answer: Check the main supply - plug - and fuse box. Make sure that the child protection is deactivated. Ensure that the loading door is properly closed.

Problem: Frigidaire dryer - Laundry comes out wet at the end of drying.
Answer: Do not overload the dreyer and clean all lint filters.

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User Manual Information

A user manual will show you all important operating steps and correct handling with the product.
All the useful information published in a user guide should be easy to read, so that you be able to unterstand all technical operating instructions.
Please observe the references of your User Guide as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions, so that the product functions perfectly and for a long time remains operational.
Use only the manufacturer`s Operating Guide.