You are searching a user manual for a Kenwood home appliance device?

The British company Kenwood has a long tradition, producing kitchen aplliances since 1947. Kenwood products are well-known for the best quality and prize-winning design. The product range includes kitchen appliances such as kitchen machines, hand mixers, kettles, toasters, citrus press, bread makers, smoothie makers, meat grinders and more.

There are many situations where it is important to have the instructions for use available for the device. For example, if you want to buy an additional original spare part or accessory for your Kenwood kitchen machine, you can often find the necessary information in the user manual. In a manual the exact product designations and also order numbers of accessories are given. With this information it is then no longer a problem to find and buy the right and suitable accessories.

Where can I download a manual for my Kenwood kitchen machine?
Kenwood provides his customers with user manuals and other useful information. Simply enter the model number of your Kenwood appliance or select a product category. You can find all published information about Kenwood user guides with the following link. :

Kenwood Kitchen Aplliances User Manual Download Section


Kenwood Ideas & Know How:

Do you know any trick for your Kenwood kitchen maschine that saved you a lot of time? Just let us know about it and share your knowledge with other users.


Tip: Kenwood Cooking Chef FAQs

Kenwood provides additional information for the customer on their support site (link above). In addition to the instruction manuals, the FAQs, for example, offer many useful tips.
Select the type of device and a list with many interesting questions will be displayed. For example, the following questions are offered for the Cooking Chef food mixer:

Why does COOKING CHEF GOURMET turns off after 15 minutes (by using a pre-set programme)?
Which accessories fits for the Kenwood Cooking Chef?
Why is there a difference in the speed of the machine?
The Cooking Chef Gourmet turns off after 30 minutes. Why?
Are there easy recipes for starting with the Cooking Chef?
and more

Also very useful: a video tutorial for the first meals with the Cooking Chef.


User manuals can be downloaded online for the following Kenwood kitchen machines

Cooking Chef Food Mixer KCC9060S, KM096, KM080, KM082, KCC90, KM069, KM070, MultiOne KHH300WH, MultiOne KHH321SI, MultiOne KHH326WH,  Prospero KM280, Prospero KM240, Prospero KM241, Chef KVC3100S, Chef KVC3100W, Chef Elite KVC5100S, Chef Elite Mary Berry Special Edition KVC5100C, Chef XL KVL4100W, Chef XL KVL4100S, Elite Chef XL KVL6100S, KM200, KM800, KVC5000-6000T, KM330, KM630, KMC500, KMM700, KM010, KM020, KM030, KM040 and more.

User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.