You are looking for a user manual for your Binatone refrigerator?

Binatone was founded in 1958 in the UK to import and distribute consumer electronics equipment. Binatone's philosophy is to provide the customer with affordable quality products. The company is active worldwide. 

Binatone's current product range mainly includes household appliances such as kettles, juicers, blenders, cookers, ovens, stand fans, ceiling fans, refrigerators, wall mount stabilizers, protectors and much more.

If you have questions about your Binatone product or if you do not know how to use the device, it is of course helpful if the instruction manual can be used for support.

Where can I find a Binatone user manual?

In our search for user manuals for Binatone products, we unfortunately could not find a direct download option on the official website of Binatone.

However, customers can contact Binatone in the Customer Service section. Go to the contact form and indicate for which device you need further information or a user manual. We have already selected the appropriate link for you.

The following link will take you to Binatone's own Customer Service website:


Binatone Customer Service - Request user manuals



Binatone device models (excerpt) 

BLS-335BK, BLS-360, BLG-402 MK2, BLG-403, BLG-410, BLG-412, BLG-450 MK2, BLG-452, BLG-555 MK2, BLG-560, BLG-570, BLG-585, BLG-595 MK2, BLG-600S (MK2), BLG-605 SS, BLG-620, BLG-699 MK2, BL-1500 TURBO, BL-1505 TURBO

Mixers And Processors:
FP-850, KM-1000, KM-1300, GM-500

JE-580, JE-1000, SJ-900

Table Top Cooking:
BAF-3501, DF-2500, RCD-1520, RCD-1820, RCSG-1505, RCSG-1805, RCSG-2205, RCSG-2805, MCS-1850, MCS-2250, ECP-110, ECP-210, SSGC-0003, GGC-0002, FGC-01A, POP-212, POP-414, ST-801, MWO-2018, MWO-2520

MWO-2018, MWO-2520

Stand Fans:
VS-1656, VS-1657, A-1691, A-1693, A-1687 RC, A-1696, ITAL-1660, ES-1850 RB, ES-1800, TS-1880 MK2, TS-2020

Ceiling Fans:v
CF-2476, CF-3676, CF-5603, CF-5675, CF-5676

FR-110, FR-230D, FR-275D

and much more.


Binatone Ideas + Know How:

Do you know any trick for your Binatone product that saved you a lot of time? Just let us know about it and share your knowledge with other users.



User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.