Are you looking for a user manual for your Cello Smart TV?

Cello Electronics (UK) Ltd is a British company based in Bishop Auckland, Great Britain. The product range of Cello includes televisions, soundbars, monitors, laptops, microwave ovens and other products.

Do you want to change the settings of a channel on your Cello TV? Unfortunately, the procedure for doing this via the TV menu is not always intuitive. The manual explains exactly how to do this - it's nice if this manual is then immediately available!

Where can I find instructions for Cello on the Internet to download?

So that you don't have to search online for a long time, we have already provided you with a link to the support area of Cello's own website. The following link will take you directly to the section for downloading Cello instruction books:


Cello User Manual Download Area


User manuals can be downloaded online for the following Cello models:

AM823A2AM, EG820CTB, MM720CJ9, MM820CXN, C1220DVB, 1920S / ZS0291, 1920FMTR / ZRTMF0291, C1920FMTR, 1620FS / ZSF0261, 2020FS, 20230F V4, 20230F-LED, 20230FT2S2, 16230FT2S2, 20230FT2, 20230T2, 16230FT2, C19230F, C20230DVB-LED, C16230F-LED, C16230DVB V3, C2420S CP6 PB, C2220FMTR, C2420G, F2420RTSF, 2420FS, 2220FS, 2420RTS, 2220S, 2420S, C22240T2S2, 24FVP, 22230FT2, 22230T2, 24230FT2, 24230T2, C24SFS, C22230F, 24230FT2S2, C24ANSMT V3, C22230FTraveller V4, C22277, c24230dvb-led, C24230F, C24ANSMT, C22230DVB-LED, F4320FR, F4020FR, F3220FR, C5020G4K, C4320G, 3220RTSF, C5020G, C3220G, C4020G, C4020CC, 5020DVB4K, 3220RTS, 5020F / ZF0205, 220TravellerFS, 40BRT, 40RTS, 3220DVB, 3220F, 4020DVB, 4020F, 4320F, 4320DVB, 4320RTS4K, 40FVP, 5020DVB, 50FVP, C32FVP, 43FVP, 50RTS4K IB, 32BRT IB, 50RTS IB, 32RTS IB, 43RTS4K, 32227FT2, 40227T2, 43227FT2, 43227T2, 50238T2, C32SFS, C40SFS, C32SFSD, C43SFSD, C43SFS4K, C50SFS4K, C43ANSMT, C50ANSMT, P32ANSMT, F40ANSMT, P43ANSMT, C42250DVB4K2K, C50ANSMT-4K, C40ANSMT, C50238T2SMART, C48227T2, C32227T2, C32227DVB-LED, 6520G4K, C5820RTS4K, 8620RTS4K, 86RTS4K, P65SFS4K, 55RTS4K, 65RTS4K, C55SFS4K QLED, C58SFS4K, C65SFS4K, C75ANSMT-4K V4, C58ANSMT-4K V2, C65ANSMT, P65ANSMT, C75ANSMT, C85238T2, C58238T2Smart, c85238t2smart-4k, C65238T2Smart, C65ANSMT, C58ANSMT, C80238T2 and more.


Ideas + Know How:

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User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.