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OK. is a brand owned by the two leading German consumer electronics retailers Media Markt and Saturn. The two sales divisions Media Markt and Saturn are managed under the Media Markt Saturn Retail Group - Europe's number one in consumer electronics retailing.

The product range of the OK. brand includes both household appliances and consumer electronics equipment. The range of household appliances covers washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, hobs and also small appliances such as mixers, toasters, kettles, etc.
In the field of entertainment electronics you will find e.g. OK. TV devices, CD players, MP4 players, radios, sound bars, micro hifi systems, DVD players and more.
Small appliances are also available for other categories, such as beauty & wellness.

Technical development does not stand still - there are more and more new applications and features in devices. Without the right instructions, one often has problems carrying out rare or difficult procedures or settings on the device. So if you want to do e.g. a transmitter setting on your OK. TV device, then a manual is quite useful! It's nice if the manual is then immediately available!

How do I download a manual for a device from OK.?

User manuals can be downloaded from the service page. The following link leads to the official OK. support website. Here you can select the download area. To find your operating instruction, click on the desired product category in the "Kategorie" search field ("Haushalt" is the German word for household). All available devices will now be displayed.
It is easier to enter the complete or only partial item description in the field "Nach Artikelbezeichnung" (item descprition).


OK. User Manual Download


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User manuals can be downloaded online for the following OK. models (for example)

OLE 20550-B SAT, ODL 39550-B, ODL 32450-B SAT, ODL 32450-W SAT, ODL 40450-B, ODL 40450-B SAT, OLE 19450-B, OLE 22450-B, OLE 22450-W, OLE 24450-B, OLE 24450-B DVD, OLE 24550-B, OLE 24450-W SAT, ODL 39550-B SAT, ODL 32550-W SAT, ODL 32550-B SAT, OLE 20550-B, ODL 32450-B, ODL 40555-B SAT, ODL 32550-B, OLE 24650H-TB, ODL 32650F-TB, ODL 32650F-TIB, ODL 40650F-TB, OLE 24450-B SAT, OLE 24650H-TB DVD, ODL 32650H-TB, ODL 32651F-TIB, ODL 32651F-TIW, ODL 39650F-TB, ODL 39650H-TB, ODL 32651H-TB, ODL 32651H-TW, OLE 24651H-TB, OLE 24651H-TB DVD, ODL 48650F-TIB, ODL 32651H-TB DVD, ODL 32652F-TIB, ODL 32652F-TIW, ODL 40651F-TB, ODL 43650U-TB, OLE 22550-B, ODL 55651U-TIB, ODL 32651H-TB, ODL 40652F-TB, ODL 55650U-TIB, ODL 40650UV-TIB, ODL 50650UV-TIB, ODL 32652H-TB, ODL 32653FV-TIB, ODL 32653FV-TIW, ODL 65650U-TIB, ODL 43650UV-TIB, ODL 49650UV-TIB, ODL 32653HS-TB, ODL 50750UV-TIG, ODL 40750FS-TB, ODL 55750UV-TIB, ODL 65750UV-TIB, OLE 24750HV-TB DVD, ODL 24750HS-TB, ODL 50750US-TIB, ODL 32750FV-TIB, ODL 32750FV-TIW, OLE 24750HS-TIB, ODL 32661-HN, ODL 32677 HN-TB, ODL 32675-H-TB, ODL 32674-H-TIB and more.

Audio devices
OCR 200, ORF 210, OMP 80, OPC 310-B, OPC 310-W, OPD 900, OSR 110, OWR 220-B, OWR 220-BL, OWR 220-W, OCR 150-PR, OKR 110, OPC 200CA , OPC 200CD, OMH 450BT-B, OPK 500BT-B, OPC 210CD, OPD 910, OCS 100BT-B, ORC 120, OMH 460BT-B, OAP 100-4 , OCS 10BT-B, OMP 10, OPK 1000 – Partybox, OMP 50, OMP 90-1 und much more.

Home appliances
OWK 402-B, OWK 202-B, OTO 402-W, OSB 112, OTF 231-W, OFC 1111-1, OSP 502, OHO 630, OMW 170G-W, OWM 15012, OSI 3111, OBH 16311, OBH 26322, OWM 16212, OWM 16412, OMW 1221, OMW 1221 W, OMW 3331 DM, OWM 17412 A3, OBO 2112, OTF 153-W, OHO 161 M, OFZ 31112 A2, OFR 21112 A2, OFK 34212 A2, OFK 31112 A2, OBR 88012 A2, OBR 22012 A1, OFZ 41312 A1, OFZ 6151 A2, OFR 31112 A2, OFK 34412 A2, OTD 28111, ODW 45012 BI A1, ODW 121, OCM 105-W, ODW 60032 FS A2, ODW 45012 FS A2, ODW 45032 BI A2, ODW 60012 BI A2, OFZ 35222 A2, OFZ 44222 A2, ODP 2430, OFZ 21132 A1, OMW 2221 DS, OFK 34322 A2, OFK 24422 A2, OFK 21112 A2, OAC 2221, OHO 162 M, OWM 16222 A3, OMW 1211 W, OMW 1212 B, OMW 2211 W, OFZ 51212 A2, OBH 36731, OBO 2111, OBO 3221, ODD 12122 A1, ODW 60012 FS A1, OFZ 41412 A1, OFZ 41322 A1, OFZ 51412 A1, OFK 31122 A3, OWM 16112 A3, OHO 632, OMW 2223 DS, OMW 2213 W, OMW 2214 B, OMW 1214 B, OMW 1213 W, OWM 15012 A2, OTD 72112, OTD 71112, OHO 163, OFC 12321 A, OAC 2223, OTD 71116, OHO 6311 B, OHO 6321 W, ODW 6011 A2 FS B, OFZ 34211 A2, OMW 1719 W, OAC 7020 B, OVR 7220 WD und much more.


User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.