You have misplaced the owner manual for your Lenco audio system?

In case of problems with a product or if you do not know how to operate a device, it is of course helpful if the user manual can be taken for support. It is not always possible to find the products manuals immediately - so a download option and thus constant availability of a manual is an advantage.

Founded in 1946, the company Lenco started with the production of turntables. Nowadays Lenco is a well known brand for innovative audio/tv/dvd products. Lenco also tries to support its customers online, if there are any problems with its products, including firmware, ordering spare parts as well as the opportunity to download some user manuals.

Unfortunately, we have not found a direct way to download user manuals in the support area on the Lenco website.

However, in the product areas listed (e.g. radios, DVD players, loudspeakers, etc.), in addition to the product information and specifications, a download option for the product manuals is available for some products.

If you cannot find your device on the website, you can contact the Lenco customer support. Please use the following link for your request for a product manual: 


Lenco Customer Service - Request User Manual


Supported Lenco Models

BH-100, Boost-4, Boost-6, Boost-8, BST-110, BT-125, BT-160 Light, BT-180 Light, BT-210 Light, BT-4304, BT-4650, BT-9000, BTA-101, BTE-010, BTP-200BK, BTS-110, BTS-110, BTS-110, BTS-5, BTSW-1, BTSW-2, BTT-1, BTT-100, BTT-2, BTT-6BTT-9

CARTAB-920, CARTAB-925, CD-215, COOLTAB-70, CoolTab-72, CoolTab-722, Cooltab-73, Cooltab-74, COOLTAB-80, CR-07, CR-16, CR-18, CR-19WH, CR-2003, CR-2004 DAB+, CR-3300, CR-3301, CR-3302, CR-3303, CR-3304, CR-3306 BT, CR-334, CR-335, CR-430 DAB+, CR-630BK, CRW-1, CRW-2, CS-321, CS-321 White, CS-322, CS-341, CS-351 BT, CS-410, CS-420, CS-430 BT, CS-440 BT, CS-450 CD, CS-455 BT, CS-460, CS-470 DVD, CS-472 CT-72DAR-010, 

DAR-050, DC-1041, DC-5105, DC-521, DC-522, DF-1020, DF-1031, DF-1200, DF-1520, DF-1521, DF-704, DF-705, DF-706, DF-831, DIR-100, DIR-200, Diverso-700GY, DPA-800, DR-02S, DR-05-BT, DR-439, DR-88BT, DVC-200, DVC-200, DVD-225, DVD-226, DVD-320, DVD-321, DVD-322, DVD-330, DVD-430, DVD-431, DVD-432, DVD-517 H, DVD-519 H, DVL-1953, DVL-1954, DVL-1955, DVL-1961, DVL-2010, DVL-2253, DVL-2261, DVL-2440, DVL-2455, DVL-2458, DVL-2460, DVL-2461, DVL-2493, DVL-2494, DVL-2690, DVL-2694, DVL-2695, DVL-2750, DVP-1034, DVP-1035, DVP-1039, DVP-1045, DVP-1210, DVP-7 Snoopy , DVP-731, DVP-7311, DVP-732, DVP-733, DVP-734, DVP-736, DVP-737, DVP-738 X2, DVP-739 X2, DVP-740 X2, DVP-7401, DVP-741, DVP-744, DVP-75, DVP-751, DVP-754, DVP-928, DVP-931, DVP-932, DVP-9331, DVP-934, DVP-935, DVP-936, DVP-937, DVP-938, DVP-938 X2, DVP-939, DVP-940, DVP-941, DVP-9411, DVP-9412, DVP-9413, DVP-945, DVT-1523, DVT-1533, DVT-1542, DVT-220, DVT-2254, DVT-227, DVT-228, DVT-229, DVT-2421, DVT-2441, DVT-2451, DVT-2621, DVT-2641, DVT-2681,DVT-950EB-900, 

Grid-7, HEP-100, HP-120, HS-100iPD-1003, IPD-3500, IPD-3560, IPD-4100, IPD-4200, IPD-4300, IPD-4303, IPD-4500, IPD-4800, IPD-5100, IPD-5250, IPD-9000, IPD-9000 DAB+, IPS-260, IPT-1, IPT-1, IPT-2, IPT-22 DVD, IPT-223, IPT-6, IR-1650, IR-2002, IR-2100IR-3000KCR-2014, 

KDV-309, KDV-310, KH-955, Kidztab-520 mini, KIDOZ Quick Guide, Kidztab-540 mini, KidzTab-70, KIDOZ, Kidztab-73, Kidztab-74L-175, 

L-3807,L-3808, L-3866 USB, L-3867 USB , L-69, L-80 USB, L-81 USB, L-83, L-84, L-85, L-88WA, L-90, LED-2201, LED-2213, LED-2214, LED-2215, LED-2217, LED-2250, LED-2411, LED-2412, LED-2419, LED-2450, LED-2618, LED-3201, LED-3212, LED-3213, LED-3901, LED-3901-4K, LED-4001, LED-4801, LED-5001, LED-5001-4K, LED-6501, LED-6501-4KMC-141, 

MC-144, MC-146, MC-148 DAB+, MC-4100, MCI-200, MCi-210, MCi-215, MCi-220, MCI-400, MDV-15, MDV-2, MDV-24, MDV-6, MDV-7, MDV-8, MES-202, MES-203, MES-204, MES-211, MES-212, MES-216, MES-217, MES-230, MES-402, MES-403, MES-4031, MES-404, MES-405, MMC-2900, MMS-201, MN-002, MP3 Sportwatch-100, MP3SPORTW+BH-100, MPR-031, MPR-033PA-1500, 

PA-45, PA-50, PA-80, PA-81, PA-85, PDR-020, PDR-03, PDR-030, PL4BAT, PMX-250, PMX-350, PODO-151, PODO-152, PODO-153SB-0160, 

SB-100, SB-210BT, SCD-10, SCD-1000, SCD-11, SCD-2000 BT, SCD-24, SCD-24 MP3, SCD-24USB Kids, SCD-26, SCD-32BT, SCD-36 USB, SCD-37 USB, SCD-38 USB, SCD-39 USB, SCD-42, SCD-420, SCD-50BT, SCD-650, SCD-68 DAB+, SCD-680, SCD-681, SCD-69, SCD-70, SCD-89 CD, SCD-99 DAB+, SCDi-01, SCR-90, SCR-94, SCR-96, SCR-97 MP3 KIDS, SCR-97 USB, SCR-97MP3, SCR-98 MP3, SP-300, SP-400, SP-500, SPORTCAM-100, Sportcam-200, Sportcam-300, Sportcam-400, Sportcam-500, Sportcam-600, Sportcam-700, SR-03 BT, SR-05-BT, SR-05-BT, SR-05-BT, SR-05-BT, SR-05-BT, SR-500BT, SR-600 BT, STB-100TAB

4 TWO 70, TAB 4 TWO 90, TAB-1011, TAB-1012, TAB-1013, TAB-1014, TAB-1020, TAB-1022, TAB-1030, TAB-1031, TAB-1035, TAB-1041, TAB-1045, TAB-701, TAB-702, TAB-703, TAB-704, TAB-705, TAB-711, TAB-712, TAB-740, TAB-811, TAB-813, TAB-831, TAB-832, TAB-900, TAB-921W, TAB-925, TAB-9701, TAB-9702, TAB-9720, TCD-974

TDV-900TFT-1020, TFT-1021, TFT-1026, TFT-1028, TFT-1527, TFT-225, TFT-2401, TFT-2411, TFT-351, TFT-370, TFT-725, TFT-726, TFT-925, TFT-926, TS-10, TT-28, TT-32Cream, WB-1, WPR-060, Xemio TAB-520, Xemio TAB-540, Xemio-1000, XEMIO-200, Xemio-200-r2, XEMIO-243, Xemio-244, Xemio-245, XEMIO-253, Xemio-254, XEMIO-260, XEMIO-261, XEMIO-360 W, XEMIO-550, XEMIO-645, XEMIO-653, XEMIO-6531, XEMIO-654, XEMIO-655, XEMIO-656, Xemio-657, Xemio-657, Xemio-658UK, XEMIO-664, Xemio-667, Xemio-667, XEMIO-760 BT, Xemio-767BT, XEMIO-857, XEMIO-858, XEMIO-950, XEMIO-955


Do you know any trick for your Lenco product that saved you a lot of time? Just let us know about it and share your knowledge with other users.

User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.