You have misplaced the user manual for your Thomson LED television set? 

Thomson is right now the brand name accompanied by a line of products made by TCL under license from trademark owner Thomson S.A. Today, its name is omnipresent on popular electronic products found in households around the world: LED Smart Televisions, Blu-ray Players and Full-HD camcorders. Even in today’s developing markets, consumers continue to enjoy Thomson products and the values it stand for; quality and high performance. The company's slogan is: friendly technology. The company focuses on the concrete mission of providing the highest performance and quality at a valued price.This makes Thomson to a trusted choice for consumers.

Do you want to make individual settings on your Thomson TV, e.g. create your own channel list? Unfortunately, the necessary procedure using the TV remote control is not always intuitive. Therefore, it is advisable to open the manual for the set and read the instructions. It's nice when it can be found easily!

How do I download a manual for a TV set from Thomson?
The company also tries to support its customers online, if there are any problems with its products. The Download section provides user manuals, FAQ and Software for Thomson products. To find the right owner manual, simply select the modell number of your Thomson product in the dropdown list.

Thomson User Manual Download Area


Supported Thomson Models:

19HR3010, 19HR3022, 19HR3234, 19HR3234, 19HR5010, 19HR5234, 19HR5434, 19HR5434, 19HS2244, 19HS3142, 19HS3244, 19HS5244, 19HS5246C, 19HS6244, 19HT4253, 19HT4253C, 19HU5253, 19HU5253C, 19HU5253CW, 19HU5253W, 19HW4323, 19HW4323W, 19HW4334W.

22FB3113, 22FB3113FR, 22FB3113W, 22FB3113WFR, 22FB3123, 22FB3123W, 22FC3114, 22FC3116, 22FS5244, 22FS5246C, 22HR3010, 22HR3022, 22HR3234, 22HR3234, 22HR5010, 22HR5234, 22HR5434, 22HR5434, 22HS4246C, 22HS4246CW.

24FS4246C, 24FS4246CW, 24FS5246, 24FS5246C, 24FS6246, 24FT4253, 24FT5253, 24FU5253C, 24FU5253CW, 24FW4323, 24FW4323W, 24FW4323W, 24FW4325, 24HA4213W, 24HA4223, 24HA4223W, 24HA4243, 24HA4243W, 24HA4244, 24HA4244W, 24HA4245, 24HA4245, 24HA4245W, 24HC3111, 24HS3246, 24HT4253, 24HU5253, 24HU5253W. 

26HE8022, 26HE8234B, 26HE9234, 26HE9234B, 26HE9234B, 26HR3010, 26HR3022, 26HR3234, 26HR3234, 26HR5010, 26HR5234, 26HS2244, 26HS2246C, 26HS3246, 26HS3246C, 26HS4246C, 26HS4246CW, 26HS5246, 26HS5246C, 26HS6246, 26HU5253, 26HU5253C, 26HU5253CW, 26HU5253W, 26HW4323, 26HW4323W.

28HA3203, 28HA3203W, 28HA3204, 28HA3204W, 28HA3205, 28HA3205W, 28HA3223, 28HA3223W, 28HS3003S, 28HW4323. 28HZ4233. 28HZ4233W.

32FA3103, 32FA3103W, 32FA3105, 32FA4243, 32FA4243W, 32FA4244, 32FA4244W, 32FA4245, 32FA4245W, 32FA4443W, 32FB4406, 32FR5234, 32FR5524, 32FR6634, 32FS3003S, 32FS3246, 32FS3246C, 32FS5246, 32FS5246C,32FS6646, 32FT5453, 32FT5455, 32FT7563, 32FU5253, 32FU5253Smart, 32FU5253W, 32FU5554, 32FU5554, 32FU5554W, 32FU5555S, 32FZ5233, 32FZ5233W, 32FZ5235, 32FZ5243, 32FZ5533, 32FZ5533W, 32FZ5534, 32HA3103, 32HA3103FR, 32HA3104, 32HA3104FR, 32HA3113, 32HA3113FR, 32HA3113W, 32HA3123W, 32HA3133W, 32HA3203, 32HA3204, 32HA3205, 32HA4243, 32HA4243W, 32HA4244, 32HA4244W, 32HA4245, 32HA4245W, 32HB3103, 32HB3104, 32HB3105, 32HB3105W, 32HB3125, 32HB5426, 32HC3101, 32HC3102, 32HC3102K, 32HC3104, 32HC3106, 32HE8022, 32HE8234B, 32HE9234B, 32HE9234B, 32HR3022, 32HR3230, 32HR3234, 32HR3234, 32HR5230, 32HS2244, 32HS2246C, 32HS3246C, 32HS4246C, 32HS4246CW, 32HS5246, 32HS5246C, 32HT2253, 32HT4253, 32HT5453, 32HTN3003, 32HU2253, 32HU3253, 32HU3253C, 32HU4223, 32HU4253, 32HU5253, 32HU5253C, 32HU5253CW, 32HU5253, 32HW3323, 32HW3324, 32HW3325, 32HW5523, 32HW5523W, 32HZ3223, 32HZ4233, 32HZ5233, 32HZ5233W. 

37FE9234B, 37FE9234B, 37FS3246, 37FS6646, 39FU2253, 39FU3223C, 39FU3253, 39FU3253C, 39FU5253, 39FU525C, 39FU5253CW, 39FU5253W, 39FU5553C, 39FU5553CW, 39FU5554C, 39FU5554CW, 39FU5555CS, 39FU5555S, 39FU6663, 39HZ4233.

40FA3103, 40FA3103W, 40FA3104, 40FA3104FR, 40FA3113, 40FA3113W, 40FA3203, 40FA3204, 40FA3205, 40FA5403, 40FA5403W, 40FA5404, 40FA5404W, 40FA5405, 40FA5405W, 40FB3103, 40FB3104, 40FB3105, 40FB3105W, 40FB3125, 40FB5406, 40FB5406W, 40FB5416, 40FC3101, 40FC3112K, 40FC3114, 40FE9234B, 40FE9234B, 40FF9234B, 40FF9234B, 40FR3230, 40FR5230, 40FR5234, 40FR5524, 40FR5634, 40FR8634, 40FR9736, 40FS2244, 40FS3246, 40FS3246C, 40FS5246, 40FS5246C, 40FS6646, 40FT2253, 40FT4253, 40FT5453, 40FT5455, 40FT8865, 40FU3253, 40FU3253C, 40FU3255, 40FU7765, 40FW3253, 40FW3323, 40FW3324, 40FW5553, 40FW5553W, 40FW5554, 40FW5555, 40FW6765, 40FZ5243, 40FZ5533, 40FZ5533W, 40FZ5534, 40FZ5534W, 40FZ5535, 40HR3234, 40HTN3003, 40UA6406, 40UB6406, 40UB6416, 40US6006, 40UZ7766, 40UZ7775.

42FE9234B, 42FE9234B, 42FR6634, 42FS4246C, 42FS4246CW,42FT7563, 42FU2253, 42FU3253, 42FU4253, 42FU5553, 42FU5553, 42FU5553W, 42FU5553WSmart, 42FU5554, 42FU5554W, 42FU5555S, 42UZ7766.

43FC3101, 43FC3106, 43UC6406.

46FE9234B, 46FF9234B, 46FF9234B, 46FR3230, 46FR3230N, 46FR6634, 46FR8634, 46FR9736, 46FS5246, 46FS5246C, 46FS6646, 46FT5453, 46FT7563, 46FT8865, 46FU5553, 46FU5553, 46FU5553C, 46FU5553CW, 46FU5553W, 46FU5553W, 46FU5554, 46FU5554C, 46FU5554W, 46FU5555CS, 46FU5555S, 46FU7765, 46FW5563, 46FW5563W, 46FW5564, 46FW5565, 46FW8785, 46HR3234.

48FA3203, 48FA3204, 48FA3205, 48FA3213, 48FA5403, 48FA5404, 48FA5404W, 48FA5405, 48FA5405W, 48FA5413, 48FA5423, 48FS3003, 48FS5003S, 48FU4243, 48FU4243C, 48FZ3233, 48FZ3234, 48FZ3235, 48FZ4533, 48FZ5633, 48FZ5633W, 48FZ5634, 48FZ5634W, 48FZ5635.

49FB3103, 49FB5406, 49FC3101, 49FC3102, 49FC3102K, 49UA7706, 49UC6406, 49UC7606, 49UZ8766.

50FU3253, 50FU3253C, 50FU6553, 50FU6663, 50FW5563, 50FW5563W, 50FW5564, 50FW5565, 50UA6406, 50UA6406W, 50UB6406, 50UB6416, 50UB6426, 50US6006, 50UW9766, 
52FE9234B, 52FE9234B.
55FA3203, 55FA3204, 55FA3205, 55FA3213, 55FA5404, 55FA5404W, 55FA5405, 55FA5405W, 55FB3103, 55FB3113, 55FB3125, 55FB5406, 55FS3013, 55FS6646, 55FT7763, 55FT7764, 55FT8865, 55FU4243, 55FU5553C, 55FU5553CW, 55FU5663, 55FU5663W, 55FU8765, 55FW6765, 55FW8785, 55FZ3233, 55FZ3234, 55FZ3235, 55FZ4633, 55FZ5634, 55FZ5634/2G, 55FZ5635, 55FZ5635/2G, 55FZ5635W, 55FZ5635W/2G, 55UA6404, 55UA6404W, 55UA6406, 55UA6406W, 55UA7706, 55UA8586, 55UA8596, 55UA8696, 55UA8796, 55UA9806, 55UB6406, 55UB6416, 55UC6406, 55UC6596, 55UC7606, 55US6006, 55UV6016, 55UW9786, 55UZ8766, 

65UA6606, 65UA8696, 65UA8796, 65UB6406, 65UB6416, 65UC6406, 65UC6596, 65UC7606, 65US6006, 65UZ7866, 78UA8796, 85UZ8866, 85UZ8876.


Ideas & Know How:

Do you know any trick for your Thomson product that saved you a lot of time? Just let us know about it and share your knowledge with other users.

User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.