Are you searching for your OKI user guide?

Every now and then it happens that after switching on a device, all of a sudden there is no more function. How should the user now know which error may be present? The user manual for the device are helpful for this purpose, in which the most common and most frequent errors are listed. Often, the cause of the problem can be identified by means of the so-called troubleshooting trees (circling the cause of the error).
It's great when the operating instructions can then be found quickly!

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company manufacturing and selling info-telecom and printer products. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, OKI take places in many countries around the world. OKI manufactured the first telephone in Japan in 1881, and now specializes not only in developing and manufacturing telecommunication equipment but also in information products, mechatronics products and all kinds of printers.

Where can I find a user manual for my OKI printer?
As a well-known manufacturer of various types of printers OKI offers a wide range of support services for the consumer on the company website. You can find information about Warranty, FAQs, Spare Parts, Repairs and a contact support. Here you can download drivers, firmware, safety data sheets and user manuals

So if you have any questions about your OKI product or want to download the instruction manual klick the following link. You can choose the product category and then search for the specific model.  

OKI Owner Manual Download Area


OKI Ideas + Know How:

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OKI printer name/model number

A4 Colour Printers:
C110, C130n, C301dn, C310dn, C321dn, C330dn, C331dn, C332, C3300n, C3400n, C3450n, C3600, C510dn, C511dn, C530dn, C531dn, C532dn, C542dn, C5600n, C5650, C5700n,
C5800n, C5850dn, C5900n, C5950dn, C610DM, C610n, C612dn, C710dn, C711DM, C711WT, C711n, C712dn, C801dn, C810dn, C813n, C821dn, C822n, C823n, C824n, C830dn,
C831, C831DM, C833n, C834nw, C841dn, C843dn, C8600dn, C910, C910DM, C911dn, C920WT, C931dn, C9600n, C9650n, C9655n, C9800 GA, C9800hdn, C9850hdn, ES6410DMe, ES8431DMe, ES9541dn, Pro6410 NeonColor, Pro7411WT, Pro8432WT, Pro9420WT, Pro9431DM, Pro9431E, Pro9431dn, Pro9541E, Pro9541WT

Mono Printers:
B930n, B8300n, B840dn, B721dn, B731dnw, B401, B410dn, B411d, B412dn, B430, B431dn, B431dn+, B432dn, B440dn, B4400n, B4600, B4600n PS, B512dn, B6100, B6300, B6250

Multifunction Colour Printers:
ES9460 MFP-PFP, ES9465 MFP Cabinet, ES9466 MFP(Black), ES9470 MFP-PFP, ES9476 MFP, DSDF PFP(Black), MC332, MC342dn, MC342dnw, MC350, MC351dn, MC352dn, MC360, MC361dn, MC362dn, MC363dn, MC561dn, MC562dn, MC562dnw, MC563dn

Multifunction Mono Printers:
MB441, MB451dn, MB451w, MB460, MB461, MB470, MB471, MB472dnw, MB480, MB491, MB492dn, MD760dnfax, MB562dnw

User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.