You have misplaced your Lenovo user manual?

Lenovo is well known for its computer and communication products. Founded 1984 it is actually a pretty young corporation but became quickly one of the leading firms in computer equipment. The manufacturer offers a wide range of computer hardware, such as pc´s, notebooks, tablets, monitors and servers. Lenovo is based in Hongkong and sells its products worldwide.

In case of problems with a your Lenovo desktop or laptop or if you do not know how to operate a device, it is of course helpful if the user guide can be used for assistance. It is not always possible to find the user manual immediately - therefore a download possibility and thus constant availability of a manual for your Lenovo device is advantageous.

Where can I find a user manual for my Lenovo pc?
Lenovo provides customers an easy and simple way to download Lenovo user manuals online. We searched the web and determinded the official support website.
Just enter your product- or serial-number of your Lenovo product and then "documentation" when your device is specified. Now you can easily download your user guide in PDF format.

Lenovo user guide download service


Lenovo Ideas & Know How:

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User manuals can be downloaded online for the following Lenovo models (excerpt)

Lenovo Laptops:

100-14IBD, 100-14IBY, 100-15IBD, 100-15IBY, 100S-11IBY, 100S-14IBR, 110Touch-15ACL, 110-14AST, 110-14IBR, 110-14ISK, 110-15ACL, 110-15AST, 110-15IBR, 110-15ISK, 110-17ACL, 110-17IKB, 110-17ISK, 110S-11IBR, 130-14AST, 130-14IKB, 130-15AST, 130-15IKB, 130S-11IGM, 130S-14IGM, 14W, 2in1-11, 2in1-14, 300-14IBR, 300-14ISK, 300-15IBR, 300-15ISK, 300-17ISK, 300S-11IBR, 300S-14ISK, 305-14IBD, 305-15ABM, 305-15IBD, 305-15IBY, 305-15IHW, 310Touch-15IKB, 310Touch-15ISK, 310-14IAP, 310-14IKB, 310-14ISK, 310-15ABR, 310-15IAP, 310-15IKB, 310-15ISK, 310S-11IAP, 310S-14AST, 310S-14IKB, 310S-14ISK, 310S-15IKB, 320Touch-15ABR, 320Touch-15IKB (Type 80XN), 320Touch-15IKB (Type 81BH), 320-14AST, 320-14IAP, 320-14IKB, 320-14ISK, 320-15ABR, 320-15AST, 320-15IAP, 320-15IKB (Type 80XL,80YE), 320-15IKB (Type 81BG,81BT), 320-15ISK, 320-17ABR, 320-17AST, 320-17IKB (Type 80XM), 320-17IKB (Type 81BJ), 320-17ISK, 320C-15IKB, 320S-13IKB, 320S-14IKB (Type 80X4), 320S-14IKB (Type 81BN), 320S-15ABR, 320S-15AST, 320S-15IKB (Type 80X5), 320S-15IKB (Type 81BQ), 320S-15ISK, 330Touch-15ARR, 330Touch-15IKB (Type 81DH), 330Touch-15IKB (Type 81DJ), 330-14AST, 330-14IGM, 330-14IKB (Type 81G2), 330-15ARR, 330-15AST, 330-15ICH, 330-15ICN, 330-15IGM, 330-15IKB (Type 81DC), 330-15IKB (Type 81DE), 330-15IKB (Type 81FD), 330-17AST, 330-17ICH, 330-17IKB (Type 81DK), 330-17IKB (Type 81DM)

Lenovo Tablets

A1-07, A1107, A7600, A7600-F, A7600-H, A1000-F, A1000-T,  A1000L-F, A2107A-F, A2107A-H, A2109A-F, A3000-H, A3000-F, A3300, A3500-F, A3500-F, A3500-H, A3500-HV, A5500-F, A5500-H, A5500-HV, K1Tablet, PHABPlus, PB1-770M, PHABPB1-750M, PB1-750N, PB1-750P, PHAB2Plus, PB2-670M, PB2-670Y, PHAB2Pro, PB2-690M, PB2-690Y, PB2-650Y, S2109A-F, S2110A, S5000-F, S5000-H, S6000-F, S6000-H, S6000L-F, S8-50F,S8-50L, S8-50LC, TAB 10TB-X103F, TAB 2A10-30, TAB 2A10-70F, TAB 2A10-70L, AB2A7-10F, TAB2A7-20F, A7-30DC, A7-30HC, A7-30GC, A7-30F, A7-30D, A7-30H, TAB 2A8-50F, TAB 2A8-50L,TAB 2A8-50LC, Tab E10, TB-7104F, TB-7104I, TB-X505F, TB-X505L, TB-X505X, TB-X605F, TB-X605L, TabM7 (TB-7305F, TB-7305I, TB7305X), Tab M8HD (TB-8505F, TB-8505X), Tab P10, Smart Tab P10 (TB-X705F, TB-X705L), TabV7 (PB-6505MC, PB-6505M, PB-6505Y), Tab 310 Business (TB3-X70F, TB3-X70L), Tab 310 Plus (TB3-X70F, TB3-X70L), TAB 37 Essential (TB3-710F, TB3-710I), TAB 37Plus (TB-7703F, TB-7703X), TAB37 (TB3-730F, TB3-730X), TAB 38 Plus (TB-8703F, TB-8703X), TAB 38 (TB3-850F, TB3-850M), TAB 410 Plus (TB-X704F, TB-X704L, TB-X704Y, TB-X704V, TB-X704A), TAB 410 REL (TB-X504F), TAB410 (TB-X304F, TB-X304L, TB-X304X), TAB 48 Plus (TB-8704F, TB-8704X, TB-8704V), TAB 48 (TB-8504F, TB-8504X), YOGA A12 (YB-Q501F, YB-Q501L), YOGA TAB 310 (YT3-X50F, YT3-X50L, YT3-X50M), YOGA TAB 38''(YT3-850F, YT3-850L, YT3-850M), YOGA Tab3 Plus(YT-X703F, YT-X703L, YT-X703X), YOGA Tab3 Pro (YT3–X90F, YT3–X90L,YT3–X90X,YT3–X90Y,YT3–X90Z), YOGA 10 (B8000), YOGA Tablet 10HD+ (B8080), YOGA 2 Pro-1380, YOGA 2-1050, YOGA 2-1051, YOGA 2-1371, YOGA  2-830, YOGA 2-851, YOGA 8 (B6000), 10e Chromebook, Tablet 10, 10 ActivePen, ThinkPad Tablet, ThinkPad 2, ThinkPad X1 1stGen (Type20GG, 20GH), ThinkPad X1 2ndGen (Type20JB, 20JC), ThinkPad X1 3rdGen (Type 20KJ20KK), X220 (ThinkPad), X220i (ThinkPad), X230 (ThinkPad), X230i (ThinkPad), Miix 210, Miix 211, Miix 28, Miix 3-1030, Miix 3-830, Miix 300-10IBY, Miix 310-10ICR, Miix 320-10ICR, Miix 510-12IKB, Miix 510-12ISK, Miix 520-12IKB (Type 20M3, 20M4), Miix 520-12IKB (Type81CG), Miix 630-12Q35, Miix 700-12ISK, Miix 710-12IKB, Miix 720-12IKB

Lenovo Desktops

200-01IBW, 300-20IBR, 300-20ISH, 300S-08IHH, 300S-11IBR, 300S-11ISH, 310-15ASR, 310-15IAP, 310A-15ASR, 310A-15IAP, 310S-08ASR, 310S-08IAP, 310S-08IGM, 510-15ABR, 510-15ICB, 510-15ICK, 510-15IKL, 510A-15ABR, 510A-15ARR, 510A-15ICB, 510A-15ICK, 510A-15IKL, 510S-07ICB, 510S-07ICK, 510S-08IKL, 510S-08ISH, 610S-02ISH, 620S-03IKL, 700-25ISH, 710-25ISH, 720-18APR, 720-18ASU, 720-18ICB, 720-18IKL, E50-00, E50-05, Erazer X310, Erazer X315, Erazer X510, Erazer X700, H30-00, H30-05, H30-50, H315, H320, H330, H405, H410, H410e, H415, H420, H430, H50-00, H50-05, H50-30g, H50-50, H50-55, H500, H500s, H505, H505s, H515, H515s, H520, H520e, H520g, H520s, H530, H530s, H535, H535s, K315, K330, K330B, K410, K415, K430, K450, K450e, Legion C530-19ICB, Legion C730-19ICO, Legion T530-28APR, Legion T530-28ICB, Legion T730-28ICO, Legion Y520T-25ICZ, Legion Y520T-25IKL, Legion Y720T-34ASU, Legion Y720T-34IKH, Legion Y920T-34IKZ, M4350, M5800, Q150, Q180, Q190, S200, S500, S510

and more.

User Manual Information

A user manual shows you all important operating steps and the correct handling of the product.
All useful information published in a user manual should be easy to read so that you can understand all technical operating instructions.
Please follow the instructions in your user manual as well as the operating conditions and safety instructions to ensure that the product functions properly and remains usable for a long time.
Only use the manufacturer's operating instructions.